Raggedy Man.

Just a quick FB survey? Have you ever lost almost everything in the course of a few short years? Marriage, house, business and creative careers, a father, family and its heirlooms and photographs, and a huge war with the IRS? You don’t necessarily lose your friends, but they don’t want to be around your fall and are very slow to return your calls.

You find yourself looking up into the mocking face of the tempter, who has understanding eyes but no real sympathy.

“Get back up.” What every beaten fighter on the canvas has heard from his corner.

Can you?

Yeah, you can. But it takes more than the count of ten sometimes. You have to fool yourself into believing you have courage you know dribbled away long ago. You have to jeer yourself on with the same mocking voice that smirked at your losses and humiliations.

The good news. You don’t have to be hero. You just have to keep getting back up, patching things up, and trying, regardless of your sinful nature, to do more good than bad, in the torrent of life.

And then, of course, every so often, there you are again, on the canvas.

Ever felt this way? Aren’t we a pair?

“Get up, Raggedy Man.”


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