A Half-Dozen Astounding Things I Did on One Page Each.

Created a complete literary movement from scratch.

The Epistle Dedicatory and signatories of The Boomer Bible.

Wrote the first infinitely hyper-linked novel.

Links from a single verse of The Boomer Bible, which has 2001 chapters, exactly, and 20 times that number of verses. 2001 becomes relevant later.

Reconfigured the physics of time.

Three Dimensions of Time

Wrote a sonnet in 60 seconds, against a stopwatch.

Harry’s 70th Birthday Sonnet.

I’ve been told it’s good. Innovative even.

Beat the Turing Test.

Non-Sequiturs Rule.

Predicted 9/11.

From a database of just 312 characters (about 2 1/2 tweets), my book’s Table of Harrier Days literally drew a picture of the 9/11 attacks.


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