Hillary’s brain problems

It got all, like, smaller on her.

It got all, like, smaller on her.

WikiTakealeaks has just released another stream of damning text messages from Hillary and her slave subalterns. Among the new revelations:

— Can’t remember the names of TV and movie stars once idolized in youth. Clark who? Gary who? Cary who? Hedy who? Christopher Walken. Who?

— Often stumbles and nearly falls making the trip to the coffee machine for that first cup of morning joe.

— Has to hang onto various pieces of furniture just navigate a smallish room.

— Gets mysteriously angry with longtime friends who say dumb things they think are smart.

— Uses four letter words a lot more now than before.

— Has no idea just how bad a football team Yale has this year.

— Thinks Mariska Hargitay is getting fat but can’t remember the name of her TV show.

— Has to splay feet going downstairs in the morning to avoid falling all the way down.

— Laughs suddenly for no reason, as if some voice in the head said something amusing. Startles and alarms everybody in the room.

— Keeps switching eyeglasses trying to find a pair that works, then loses them all in a matter of moments.

— Can’t find anything to wear that doesn’t look too old, too young, too dumb.

— Somehow causes light bulbs to burn out just by turning them on.

— Can’t do arithmetic sums in the head anymore.

— Can’t remember that Sammy and Rikki are not Shroedinger’s Greyhound, alive and dead at the same time.


Those leaks weren’t about Hillary. They were about me. Why I’m voting for Trump.


Have it on good authority I’m a deplorable racist idiot. Can’t remember who said it, but it must be true Because HILLARY.

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    But you can always find your keys.



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