My wife thinks she has a link to XOFF News. I’m sure she’s right. She has a tendency to write very long titles to posts when she’s got a dead cert outer da gate.


If she does have a link, I’ll be a proud papa. I, a lowly writer, made this tiny movie of silly news stiffs, and every image, word, and sequence was chose by MEEEEE!!!!

Or someone who looked very much like me. There can’t be that many skinny blond old guys with cool shades who don’t live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Russia, or possibly Scotland, uh, Ohio.

THE XOFF NEWS TEAM. A book you never knew you needed. Just like us Scots. From Ohio.

  1. Pat Hurley Laird’s avatar

    You may have to wait a little until the sound file starts. So be patient. It’s hilarious.



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