Have any of you seen This Joke?

No, he's not a recently paroled serial killer. Guess again.

No, he’s not a recently paroled serial killer. Guess again.

On MSNBC yesterday, Bill Kristol pontificated at length about the reasons Trump should not be president. He expressed a strong desire for Trump to choke in the debates. He summed up by saying he thinks Trump knows he really shouldn’t be president.

When the admiring interviewer asked Kristol what he was going to do in November, he said, “I’m going to vote for the Republican Party’s nominee for president, Evan McMullin.”

Who he? you ask. He’s the splendidly charismatic looking fellow up top. You’ll thrill to his qualifications, which couldn’t represent more of a conservative character and background. He went to Brigham Young, which we all know is cool because being a Mormon helped Romney so much. And he went to Wharton for an MBA, proving he’s way out of Trump’s league when it comes to business. In fact, he actually managed to squeeze a couple of years of business experience (at Goldman Sachs) into his lifelong career of government and government-lobbyist jobs.

He’s a foreign policy expert because he was a CIA operative in the Middle East during our many successful recent adventures there. When the last helicopter left the last standing Green Zone building in Iraq, he came home to assume a position as the foreign policy adviser to the Republican house leadership. After the Syria and Libya triumphs, he was promoted to public policy director for the same brilliantly inspiring and effective group, in which capacity he conveyed the policy suggestions of numerous lobbyists, with the associated bulging envelopes to key members of the Republican Caucus.

Well, you can see why conservatives should rally around this almost memorable character. It’s high time his many years of service to the powers that be in DC and NY were rewarded with elected office. He’ll be zooming past Trump in the polls any day now. Don’t you agree?


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