Yoella the Yella.

I just offended a one-time supermodel named Yoella Wells.

She was hot.

She was hot.

Well, let me back up a bit. I had occasion to communicate with her about a website she signed me up for because she’s an advocate of Israel, as am I. Here’s the message that started the contretemps.


Hmmm. Okay. But I’m thinking she’s not a spring chicken anymore. She regularly posts pics of herself trying to upstage her lovely daughter by moueing at the camera.



She’s, you know, of an age, like many of us.

Still flaming, after all these years.

Still glamming, after all these years.

So, with my wife urging me to let it go, I didn’t let it go.


Which led to the following outburst.


Then she unfriended me before I could post my response, which was this:

ME: I know a lot about you. What FB does. It shows more of you than you think. You were a beautiful young model and the world was your oyster. Since then, you still crave attention but you don’t accept grownup responsibilities. And right now, you’re ranting at me, about whom you know as little as you claim I know about you, because tantrums are and have always been your way. Don’t play this game with me. You will lose. Guaranteed.

btw. I have a life. What started this? Your site. Europeans fighting Anti-Semitism. Someone befouled it. And you have a migraine. Get a conscience.


I don’t know about her refugee credentials but I’d be surprised if there weren’t cameras around at the time. I wish Yoella well. But blowing off people who earnestly care about what you say you care about is kind of reckless. You could at least thank people for caring. Unless you’re still hoping for another shot at the cover of Life Magazine.


אוהב של פרידה


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