The three or four best dismissive video clips under 10 seconds or so

You know who they are. The "Hillary will win" and "I am woman" crowd. Plus the fat lumbering male assholes. You know how to find their pic.

Images too. They’re a pain, these FB harpies. You know who they are. The “Hillary will win” and “I am woman” crowd. Plus the fat lumbering emasculated males out there. But you already know how to find their pic.

You know. Somebody says something so ridiculous or stupid or unworthy of response that words fail you. You want to make a comment but you’re smart enough to know that this whole emoji thing is like a bunch of rubber ducks tossed into a bathtub with infants who have never even seen a duck. What’s needed is something visual, arresting, and final. Here are your best bets.

And a bonus about me. I keep trying to leave this arena to publish my books, but…

I think you’ll find these are great time saving devices and collectively an arsenal against all kinds of FB idiocy. Comments you don’t need to make or explain or worry about PC issues.

Because I’m only here to help.

Now if you want to jump in on the question of dismissive images, we’re happy to entertain your nominations. No foul language though. We’re really really tired of that. Let the image speak for itself, like the example up top. Other vidclips are also welcome with the same stricture. Don’t want to hear any of George Carlin’s dirty words. Got it?


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