Karma’s not a bitch if you’re keeping up. For my friend Lane.

Ellen Foley. What it takes to make it.

Ellen Foley. What it takes to make it.

On a comment thread miles away from here I had to bop a feminist who was defending the indefensible Jennifer Rubin. She said my comment was stupid. All she said. So I laid Ellen Foley’s Cover of Mick Jagger’s Stupid Girl on her. More combined talent there than she’ll ever experience in a lifetime.

Thing is. Ellen Foley was a great singer. And she still didn’t make it. Except that I know she was great, and so should everyone else. Here’s a heart stopping ballad of hers I sometimes wake up in the night remembering. Funny how life, real life as opposed to fantasy feminist life, actually works.

Can you hear the scratches? We had records in those days. So I still wake up at 3:38 in the morning hearing this song. So many times I want to let go. And she won’t let me.


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