I don’t care.

There’s a line. There’s always a line. Push it too close to people’s feet and they’ll cross it. As I just did.

Two things. Obama’s approval rating is over 50 percent. The worst president in the whole history of the republic and more than half of you approve of him. The only president who actively hates his country and never does his job without sneering at every worthwhile citizen from the 14th tee.

Thing two. Everyone knows the MSM is corrupt but they still buy the lies. Trump tells us we’re at war. Which we are. And you disapprove. You think he’s Hitler.

Fuck you.

I’m done.

From now on, I post only about pet peeves. Which happen to include 300 million of you. No political correctness. When they shut me down, as they will, be advised not to approach my bunker. You don’t want to meet the Naked Ape that is me. He’s your nightmare. Old, white, Celtic, accomplished, highly educated, full of wrath against all of you who are willing to see the greatest nation in the history of nations flushed away by your narcissistic tantrums and moral failures. You have no idea (no, you don’t) just how much disgust I feel for you. But I’m the,product of what you call white privilege. Which means…

Where I am.


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