Trump Tax Mystery Solved

So Trump spilled the beans ahead of time with George Stephanopoulos. Told him he tries his best to pay no taxes. Betting money says he’s succeeded at this. Spectacularly. Maybe he can tell us how to do this too.

Second gun. Steve Martin is like Monty Python. Women tend not to get it. They go WTF. Here was his debut on the Tonight Show. Guys wet their pants. Women went WTF.

Trump’s taxes? Who cares. Jennifer Rubin cares. WTF.

  1. Dave’s avatar

    Would anyone who takes the side of this jaundiced, innuendo piece, who pays taxes please stand up and be counted if you believe you do not pay enough in same……………….. Really, stand up and tell the world how your taxes (confiscation) is too little.

    If Trump were ever in violation of any federal (or state) tax code I can assure anyone he would be before the IRS and the federal tax court toot sweet. But, alas, the man has never run afoul of any federal (or state) tax code. Schön. The man and his corporations have nevertheless paid hundreds of millions of dollars in ye olde payroll tax, property tax, regulation fees and the like, but please, let’s not bring that up. After all, the paucity of truth is what you like.

    Have a nice day latter day Fagins……………….



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