Two Birds with One Stone

Working so hard, working through the Mystery.

This is complicated. A guy I’ve dueled with here since the candidacy of Trump posted me into a spat he was having with some guy who took him down in the most obscene terms you could possibly imagine.

Whereupon I weighed in to let the guy know he’d offended a friend of mine and he should shut up. Then he called me a name and I threw down the gauntlet, promising he wouldn’t like what would happen next.

I warned the guy. He thought he could walk back into the saloon and survive unscathed. He made jokes about “hold the lettuce” and “hold the mayo.”

Before I could post this response, though, both he and the adversary I’d been drawn into the middle of were gone. Unfriended. Like a shot. What the hell. What part of “Hold!!!” do they not get?

So help me out here. I’m thinking I just got rid of two jerks in one throw, with barely a shot fired. Did I miss something?

I don’t usually miss something. Tell me if I did.


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