A Lesson for Lindy

You’re being a frail. Women want to compete, do they? Oh, but they also want all the rules changed to protect them. In the locker rooms, in the back smoke filled rooms, in the crowded herd of political campaigns. You’re being a jerk. Sometimes being a feminist means being a man.

Think Hope Solo would press battery charges because of a brush up at the exit of a campaign event? She has a harder time getting out of the stadium than Michelle Strain ever will. You and your kind are childish in the extreme.

And then sometimes you get knocked down. Not lightly but utterly.

And then what do you do, you go girl crowd? You get the fuck up or you whine. Ronda whined. Too bad for you, Lindy. And Michelle Strain. Because whining seems your metier.

Muhammed Ali went 61-5 over a quarter century. A single TKO in that career. One time he did not finish a fight. Last fight. Never knocked out. It’s a man thing. You want to be a hero in your profession, step the hell up and don’t play the weak sister who needs protection from the big guys.


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