The Trump Effect

What all the beltway nerds forget. People want confrontation. There are good guys and bad guys. We all know it. We want to see the bad guys taken down. Why Hollywood exists. Why there are tabloids. Why there are cop shows. And lawyer shows. And action movies. And westerns. We want the bad guys taken down.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we want brutality for its own sake. Why there is a Martin Scorsese.

But we also want valor and beauty. Which is why we resort to real life.

We want drama and hair-trigger justice.

Until we all want to break loose, because we’re just completely fed up.

Unless we want to do it all alone. All all alone.

Because there are true stories of confrontation…

And iconic stories of confrontation…

Then there’s myth. First three…

And legend. Down to two…

And godawful reality, when it’s down to just one damned mean one.

And the low down bitter reasons why we fight. We don’t all want to be just a number.

Confrontation. We all die in the end, don’t we? But some us die fighting. Maybe that’s what people are hoping Trump brings out in them.


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