An Inconvenient Hole

See that blue background between them? What's in there?

See that blue background between them? What’s in there?

The stats are out there, but no one on either side has tried to make sense of them. The figures for turnout in Nevada.

“The Nevada Republican Party reported Wednesday morning that more than 75,000 voters participated in the contest. While that might not seem like a stunning number in a state with a population of somewhere around three million, that turnout absolutely demolished the participation record from 2012, when only about 33,000 Republican voters showed up to caucus.

“In fact, Donald Trump alone captured 34,531 votes in his near-landslide victory in the state, surpassing the total votes cast in the same contest four years ago.

“It’s a pattern that has played out in each of the previous Republican 2016 contests to date….

Bottom line being a 130 percent increase in Republican primary voters in Nevada.

“On the Democratic side, the story has not been as rosy. After notching record turnouts in the 2008 Democratic primaries during the epic battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the party’s participation this cycle has fallen short of those numbers in every nominating contest to date.

“Here are those Democratic turnout numbers:

Iowa 2008: 239,972
Iowa 2016: 171,109
New Hampshire 2008: 288,672
New Hampshire 2016: 250,983
Nevada 2008: 120,000
Nevada 2016: 80,000”

Meaning the Democrats in Nevada were down 33 percent from the last election cycle.

Nobody has connected the dots. Hillary versus Bernie. Has anybody anywhere figured out that Hillary versus Bernie is two fringes battling over nothing? Bernie has the know nothing, do nothing kids. Hillary has the 65+ old lady feminists. Which doesn’t account for the 33 percent of Democrats who are staying home and sitting on their hands.

It’s the hole where Democrat voters are supposed to be and no longer are.

Two silly fringes dueling over who can be more ludicrous and extreme. And neither has the wit to realize what they’ve left behind in their pursuit of polls and friendly interviews on the Today Show. Bill knows. Why he’s fading into a blurred and unfunny background.

What color is the hole? Appropriately, black.

Guaranteed. Some part of this demographic both Bernie and Hillary are missing.

And what part are the know-it-alls missing. You tell me.

At least that many, Hillary.

Never stop, never stop, never stop breaking down...

Never stop, never stop, never stop breaking down…

Alice eventually found her way out of the hole. Hillary never will.


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