Bang Bang

Had all these conservatives not liking me and thinking I never read. Pretty funny. I’ve been reading since the age of six. E-v-e-r-y t-h-i-n-g. Guy de Boer thinks you’re illiterate if you don’t do Kevin Williamson, chrome dome of the Conservative Thunderdome. I unprint me of that. (Yeah, look that one up, brilliantisters whose roots extend basically only as far back as Star Wars…)

The poster Lautrec would have done if his liver were only as strong as mine.

The poster Lautrec would have done if his liver were only as strong as mine.

What amazes me is that you old jerks don’t even recognize your elders, the ones who actually have an education and a command of the language, the ones who are just as pissed off as you, while you want to fight like a bunch of sixties radicals for nothing. Cruz or nothing. Go for nothing. You’ll just love nothing, take it from me.

Because Trump, who might actually win, is just too awful to vote for. If we’re really conservative, we’d rather vote for Bernie the Socialist or Hillary the fucking criminal. Because bad hair. Do you even have hair, Zincavage?

Not participating is cowardice, is it? How many years did it take Reagan to talk to the Ruasians. He was obviously afraid of them. Now Trump has decided not to participate with Megan “black slip” Kelly. Must be a coward. Unless Fox News just experienced the biggest ratings tank in its history. The way things go when you lose against a guy who knows how to win.

Calling Ryan, McConnell, and the editors of National Review, keepers of the Conservative flame.

Oops. I guess you had more lucrative things to do. Bang Bang.


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