A Rare Hawaiian Bird

Thing about rare birds. They fly away.

Thing about rare birds. They fly away.

Rare birds everywhere, you know. Twice in the last week I’ve seen a great blue heron on our road, once on the shoulder and once on a concrete county bridge. Noticing them makes them fly away.

For about a dozen years we’ve had our own rara avis here at my various blogs, a lovely creature from Hawaii. Now, suddenly, she is gone, taken wing in a fright never intended.

But that’s how it goes with the rare ones. You have to be grateful for the moments you had watching them and appreciating their beauty. When those wings unfold and soar away, it’s too late to convince them you meant no harm.

So you’re just grateful and sorry to have so startled them. God be with you, B.D. We will miss you always and never stop loving you.


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