The Peter Pan sexist scandal

Didn’t even occur to me until I saw this Geico commercial. Why can’t Peter Pan ever be played by a boy? Old as I am, I grew up with Mary Martin in the title role. Had a deck of .45s with her singing. And make no mistake, she could sing her ass off.

Then came Sandy Duncan. Why was she Peter Pan, other than being the most flat-chested woman in history.

But here’s the deal. Boys can be Peter Pan. Most of them are. Never ever ever grow up. And they can sing like nobody. There’s a word for what boys can do with their voices. Descant. Women cannot even approach it. No matter how flat chested they are.

So we need a private space to heal in. It’s called Everyland. And Alwaysland. Because we have, will, and forever rule. Boys that we be.

She was cute. Just not a boy.

She was cute. Just not a boy.

P.S. And my wife insisted I include this one too.


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