Kerry is no mystery.

He’s always been a dullard wannabe Kennedy trying to parlay St. Paul’s School and a lucky admission to Yale with indifferent SATs to a career in the new McGovernized Democratic Party. Hence his sterling testimony to the Congress after his highly debatable Vietnam military experience.

You don’t have to listen to the whole video. Just enough to hear his ridiculous Kennedyesque accent. Odd that he can’t achieve the same verisimilitude with French, which he claims to know. He sounds like a high school student who got a D in French. Saw the same level of performance at a high school Honor Society ceremony giving ribbons to kids who had to read haltingly from phonetic scripts.

Seel Voo Play.

Dunce. Phony. Botulin face. Here’s what I wrote him back in 2004

Did he become more at home in America after he achieved celebrity by smearing his fellow troops in testimony before the U.S. Congress? Or was the big change accomplished by his marriage to a $300 million fortune? Or by his remarriage to the multi-lingual foreign born heiress of a $1 billion American manufacturing fortune? At exactly what point did he descend out of the Alps to mind-meld with us “working families”? What are we supposed to make of it all?

One possible interpretation of such a background is that John Kerry grew quite naturally into a sense of citizenship in the high civilization of the Old World, which consisted of the advanced European nations plus the northeastern intelligentsia of the United States, and came to believe that there was both a privilege and a responsibility of leadership by such elites over the benighted lesser folk outside his ken. During the period of the Cold War, this kind of self definition would pose little or no conflict of interest. While Europe’s interests coincided with America’s, he would encounter no crippling need to choose between them.

But the world changed after the Cold War and again after September 9/11. The unavoidable truth is that if Kerry’s real affinity is for the post-modern European sensibility rather than America’s heartland sensibility, he is in profoundly important ways no longer a completely trustworthy patriot, but a man of divided loyalties. That is in itself no crime, but it is an unacceptable state of mind in an American president leading his people in a war for survival.

Je suis ne Jude pas. Mais un duc. Vive la Danse Aristocratique.

Je ne suis pas Jude. Mais un duc. Vive la Danse Aristocratique. Cum harpsichord


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