What the left was like before they became crybabies in need of Binkies.

Got it all here, don’t we? White girl with no panties singing the N-word as if she were making a point of freedom. American Flag, Hendrix chords from the national anthem, white boys on guitar as if Caucasians ever knew anything about music.

Cool, cool, cool. Need a safe place yet? Wait till you hear the original studio version.

Things evolve. So Patti became old hat and Courtney Love’s band Hole had to make the world safe for slutitude.

Paving the way for Amy Weinstein who had to die for the iconicism of the New Woman.

As opposed to when she wasn’t so moribund.

Amy died. And lo and behold, Gaga. Who isn’t exactly alive but a fair facsimile of Madonna, who is also not alive but very very rich.

Funny is funny. Women are funny. Whatever they say they want, what they really want, regardless of age or time or era or livelihood, is Mick Jagger.


Believe me. Wish I could giver her a Binkie.

Believe me. Wish I could give her a Binkie.


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