Why are you rooting for New Orleans?

It was Shakespeare who said it best: “Life is a bitch and then you die.”

Oh. He didn’t say that. Well, he should’ve.

“Why are you rooting for New Orleans? You like Andrew Luck, all Stanford and everything. You said the Redskins should never have taken their first draft pick to choose a quarterback who’d have a knee injury in his first season. You said Luck was the natural heir to Peyton Manning in Colts Kingdom, where you’ve always lived as far as I can determine. And now, today, you’re cheering on Drew Brees and the slapped-ass Saints.”

Taking this rationally and in order. Don’t like Andrew Luck’s beard. Plunkett established the rule that Stanford quarterbacks don’t have to be as good looking as all the other quarterbacks are. But there’s a limit.

And where did we get the rule that no Colts team can ever have a running game? Is this some religious thing nobody told me about?

And I’m not nearly as anti-new Orleans as I sometimes seem. Because I do love Zydeco. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. No, I won’t be visiting Nawlins anytime soon. Not fond of the smell of sewage in a modern city. But I do love that music.

So, today, I’m rooting for the “Who Dat” bunch. Ça va.


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