All the Answers in the Ring of Power

Got the hands from God-and the ring from his Masonic grandfather.

Hands from God — and the ring from my Masonic grandfather, who was a mason in the truest sense.

You get this Ring, you know what happens? Everybody in the U.K. thinks you know everything about everything. Because the Scottish Freemasons have been in charge of everything since the Templars wigged out.

All true. I have this ring from my incredibly high ranking Masonic grandfather. His most important bequest to me. Result? I know everything about the most occult mysteries in history. I know what happened to the Templars and what they did with their treasures. I know what’s hidden in Rosslyn Chapel. I know where and what the Holy Grail is. I know all about the Shroud of Turin. I know all about what’s buried at Oak Island. And Snake Island. I even know who killed the Kennedys and why. The Ring gives me this knowledge. I’m just not allowed to ask or to tell.

But I’m a little hard up cash-wise right now. You know what that’s like, right?



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