March of Triumph

Once in a blood moon we can do this.

Once in a blood moon we can do this. A Mars Event might be something different.

Talking about what? This weekend we saw all of the football teams we follow win. This is a good omen. All the red teams won, distinct sign of the blood moon: Ohio State, Harvard, Rutgers, and (blessedly) 3-0 Temple had a bye week.btw, just TAKE THIS LINK, which is about more than Harvard and Ohio State. It’s about the huge fun of the Mars Event.

Fate is destiny. Or something like. You&'d have to be Harvard or Ohio State or Temple to understand that.

Fate is destiny. Or vice versa. Something like karma. Cornell beat Ohio State the two times they played. Not this weekend. You’d have to be Harvard, Ohio State or Temple to understand that. I went to Cornell for a bit. Doesn’t count in this algorithm.

Obviously it’s time for a Roman Imperial March.

Unless it’s time for a different kind of March altogether.

And a chorale to make it all stick.

Sorry. Red won yesterday. Harvard. Ohio State, and Temple at rest. Hear the drum.

Life is getting worse on all of us, but we can still count on the verities, right?

Whoever said we can’t make it better? Or should we?


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