Harry’s 70th Birthday

Yeah. There’s going to be a precision bombing exercise at Fox News on August 6th. Silly people being low key for the sake of being not so bad candidates. Why?

What really happened 70 years ago.


Thursday, they’re telling us, August 6. Ten years ago on that date it was Harry’s 60th birthday. He offered two Psongs.

Now it’s his 70th. He offers one more.


You passed beyond me. I was cold.
2 We had not spoken, I was cold.
3 Grey ladies came to make you old,
4 And I was angry you grew old.
5 But that was never what we do or did,
6 We never cared for what they did.
7 Our hatred and our love were not their ken,
8 Only seething awful fire of kin.
9 You died on me, last punch at love.
10 But die you couldn’t really, frightful love.
11 God eternal, beyond my sin.
12 My god, the truth, beyond my ken.
13 I hated you, you hated me.
14 You walked away, and I did too.

I told my wife I could write a Psong in a minute flat. Not a big deal. It’s always bottled up inside. It just needs letting out now and again.

  1. Instapunk’s avatar

    Yeah. Wrote it in a minute flat. The missus will verify if you ask.


  2. Alfa’s avatar

    That he did. I watched the fingers on the keyboard and saw a poem grow on the screen, in less than a minute. It was amazing to observe the talent in action.


  3. Instapunk’s avatar

    It’s a natural sonnet. The way it came. It’s not craft. It’s a blessing.



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