Presidential Perspective

When Putin or Khameini is threatening nuclear war.

Not that I’m not aware of all the female contributions to generalship, philosophy, science, mathematics, and literature that we all benefit from. After all, some people still read the novels of Jane Austen, I’m told. And elsewhere, I hear, some women have accomplishments as numerous as Hillary Clinton’s. As long as you can count successfully up to zero.

But they do look pretty silly and vulnerable when they’re peeing.

You can be sure Khameini is going to impressed by the first female president’s redline.

Am I trying to be politically incorrect? No. I AM being politically incorrect. C’mon, C’mon, C’mon, the prez is a firefighter, not a scolding kindergarten teacher.

Pretty much no one can appreciate that anymore. Not even our wives. Most of them have become scolds who don’t actually think before they decide who’s at fault and what must be done.

If youz’re the exception, let us know. Ha.


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