So I got blocked again…

Notice how many times I went ad hominem. I must have deserved  her ire.

Notice how many times I went ad hominem. I must have deserved her ire.

Cheri Jacobus has decided I’m hateful because I have no sympathy for Joe Biden. She’s blocking me because I was less than friendly about her grief for the vice president’s family.

Started to go wrong here.


Uh, they DO know. They’re that corrupt.

So. I’m getting blocked — yeah, blocked on language grounds — by a supposed conservative who occupies the high morality of expressing sympathy for the serial groper Joe Biden because I had the nerve to repeat the use of the term “cunt” lefties have continually applied to Sarah Palin. You know what? I don’t care, Cheri Jacobus. Bidens really are scum, don’t care about their losses, and I just wish you had as much compassion for a mother of five who once ran for Vice President. They called her a cunt. Does that bother you? Nooooo. The Bidens are in mourning.

Not awesome, Cheri. (Which is the male version of the adjective btw.) I can give you the right version right here.

Proving how incredibly full of hate I am. Care to rethink?

Block me all you want. I will never have any use for even the most jovial Stalinists of the left.

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    I frequently make fun of all the lefty paper tigers who lose sleep over climate change and the Westboro Baptist Church yet close their eyes and ignore the cancer of Islam as hard as they can. Truth is, our side is even worse. Can’t seem to take a stand on anything except being a pussy. Don’t call Obama a socialist, don’t criticize gay marriage, don’t say an unkind word about illegal aliens, don’t forget to moan about all those moderate muslims who are definitely somewhere out there, etc. Too afraid to call anything for what it is. “Jesus wept and the Biden’s simply don’t know any better.” Yep, okay. That’s all there is to it. Sure.

    And they get mad at an ban YOU…? I don’t get it.



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