The Top Ten Reasons my husband is the greatest writer of the 20th century

He's bent, broken, and baffled now. But he was brilliant once.

He’s bent, broken, and baffled now. But he was brilliant once.

Now that Letterman is (thankfully) gone, let’s do it the old-fashioned way. Top Ten, in reverse order.

10. Lord of the Jeep. He can still be funny. Fitfully. In short bursts.

9. Cuber. He does multimedia satire like nobody.

8. Yurropean Boobs. He’s great AND heterosexual.

7. Konfessions. He can break your heart from a great distance.

6. Johnny Dodge. He’s a motorhead poet.

5. Moon Books. He’s a Thurber quality graphic artist. (Click to your heart’s content, and don’t forget the Romantz section or the Comix.)

4. Epiphany Ship. He can flat-out write.

3. Philadelphia Story. He’s a first-rate philosopher who also knows about quantum physics and Egyptian mythology. And he knows how to weaponize words like Ambrose Bierce.

2. The Boomer Bible. He invented the Internet before anyone else did. There was even this (Poems free btw), which — look for it — included a 9/11 prediction (after abundant numerology fulminations) from one Henry Elders.

1. Frank Frelinger. He reinvented Dante, writing as divine order. With a potboiler on the side.

Honorable Mention: the Cream King Trove, Alice Hate, and Insect Brain. The Magic Doorway too. And tennis. (He’s a WASP, you know.) Okay. I’ll stop now.

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    Well, now THAT’S a tribute and more.



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