What is Intelligence?

You can immegine a Millennial by substituting the D batter for a AAA model.

You can imagine a Millennial by substituting the D battery for a AAA model.

The Marginal Utility Factor (MuF) IQ Scale. A radical new approach to intelligence measurement which recognizes that the existing IQ scale is fundamentally flawed in its dependence on outmoded machine theory. The traditional assumption that human intelligence cannot vary by more than 100 percent (hence the high-end peg of 200 for super-genius IQs) was an outgrowth of machine-based systems theory which has been shown to be invalid in the new technology of information systems.

The machine model has been rendered obsolete specifically by the concept of ‘sensitive dependence on initial conditions,’ which demonstrates that the output of a given system can be expanded almost infinitely by making minor changes in the system’s initial conditions.

Since the human mind is far closer to an information system than to a manufacturing assembly line, the ‘sensitive dependence’ concept has been used to build a new measurement system for human intelligence—one based on the measurement of the capacity required for ascending levels of intellectual feats rather than the measurement of small differentials in the brain’s ‘instruction set.’

Use of the intellectual feats scale also makes it logical to invoke the longstanding concept of marginal utility, which postulates that as any system approaches the limit of what is possible, the amount of resource required to achieve the next increment of performance increases exponentially.

This means that our intuitive conviction that Einstein must have been many times smarter than the average person in order to conceive of the Theory of Relativity is accurate.

An accidental by-product of the research which developed the new MuF IQ Scale was the discovery that average female intelligence, when measured in terms of intellectual feats, is only a little more than 10 percent of average male intelligence, although the male population has such an enormous standard deviation that a significant percentage of males score lower in intelligence than the whole population of females. See Appendix II.


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