Can one of the genius girl TV hackers cross-reference these two maps?


Red voters vs Blue voters nationwide.

Red voters vs Blue voters nationwide.

Important Information for Hillary, isn’t it? She needs popular support. But how about this additional map of where women are legally permitted to be topless?

Green is yes, orange is ambiguous, and red is no. See any patterns?Green is yes, orange is ambiguous, and red is no. See any patterns

A lot of the ambiguous crowd is solid blue progressive territory, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington (the serial killer state), and the socialist-labor party upper Midwest, including leftist Michigan and Minnesota. They can’t stop themselves from wanting to rule your breasts anymore than they can stop themselves from wanting to rule every other part of your lives. Can’t wait to hear their newest regulations about underwires and cup shapes.

Quibbles? Utah, Tennessee, and Indiana, plus the oddly contrasting ambiguities of Nevada and Mississippi. Utah? Fugeddabout it. Indiana is, well, Indiana. Is, was, and will always be. There are no nipples in Indiana. Why the men all look so dry and pinched. The others? Of course, nobody’s ever seen a bare breast in the stage shows of Las Vegas or after-hours Nashville, right? And did anyone notice Mississippi? As ambiguous as Connecticut. That would be interesting for a state widely regarded as one of the USA’s representatives of the Third World.

On the whole, though, it looks like most of the country is both conservative and in favor of topless. The little blue bits are rock hard LGBTA parts. (Don’t ever let those evil men see the pink bits.) Should Hillary go topless or not? If the polls say she should, she will. Be warned. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Is there a new political coalition we can make of this? A lot of red-blooded American men are hoping so.

Amazingly, many of us still do remember.


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