The Cleverest Man of the 20th Century

Hi. I'm Ringo.

Hi. I’m Ringo.

A challenge from my wife. I’m not allowed to mention the band that made the Beatles look silly. Done.

Hi. I'm Ringo.

Hi. I’m Ringo.

Here’s the point. (I hate it when people don’t get to the point. You?) Ringo Starr is a superstar drummer who doesn’t drum. He’s just Ringo. John and George are dead. Sir Lord and Master Paul is on top of a boring world of oldheads. But Ringo is still picking up teenagers, I’m thinking. Without drumming a lick. How cool is that?

Other drummers have to drum.

Gene Krupa.

Buddy Rich.

Art Blakey.

Even the Def Leppard guy with one arm.

And the man who has no name from the band that can’t be named. For this,one, he dragged his whole drum kit into a highrise stairway.

Throughout, there’s always a guy named Ringo. Who doesn’t drum. They work. He coasts. Gotta love it, right?

Hi. I'm Ringo. I don't drum.

Hi. I’m Ringo. I don’t drum.

P.S. Everywhere else, drummers drum.

Hi. I'm Ringo.

Hi. I’m Ringo.

I’m from Liverpool. I’m a Beatle. I don’t drum. I just sit here. And bask.

P.P.S. the best beat ever.


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