Anti-Hero Cars

Under the hood a blueprinted Hemi.

Under the hood a blueprinted Hemi.

That quickly, I’ve been informed I have to do a followup. Good Grief.

Music to my ears.

So tired of cliches. Chevrolets ’55, ’56, and ’57 were all boring, boxy crashing bores of cars. The only time I side with liberals. People who obsess about these mediocrities really do stress me out and cause me to wonder about the intelligence of the obsessives.

Equally fatigued with Jim Rockford’s Trans Am. And Magnum’s Ferrari. Love both cars, but they’re hardly anti-hero bait. The first is more gas than an anti-hero can afford, and the second is just ridiculous.

We have to ask ourselves, What does an anti-hero really need? You know he lives in a bad part of town. Probably in a walkup or a trailer. His car can’t be some easy steal, or a wanna steal, or anything but a whybother.

There’s only one answer, despite all your fond hopes. The Brits had a naval classification in WWII called a Q-Ship. It looked like a merchant vessel, sluggish, old, and vulnerable. But it had lethal guns.

There were Q-ships in American cars of the past. Whoops. May need another post…


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