We’re catching up to the New Cool.

We like to call this "les Chiens Chauds avec Poupon."

We like to call this “les Chiens Chauds avec Poupon.”

We’ve been getting an inferiority complex. Other FaceBookers are taking pictures of their dinner. Arugula and hummus with anchovies. Brussels Sprouts on a plate as if they were food. Raw fish with a becoming pyramid arrangement of vitamins. The peculiar food resembling crap Vegans eat.

Well, guess what. We eat too! Here’s tonight “cuisine au bas,” Elsinboro style. And it’s not always avec Poupon either. Sometimes it’s avec les Frenches. How sophisticated can you get?

  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    With salty potato chips as your vegetable. Yum.


  2. Be’s avatar

    I love to post my meals as a political statement against those who think that sharing pictures with captions is a sort of activism. My inspiration is this:




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