My Favorite Elite Journalist

Harvard. Yale. Brilliant.

Harvard. Yale. Brilliant.

I love this guy.

Charles “Chuck” Lane (born 1961) is an American journalist and editor who is an editorial writer for The Washington Post and a regular guest on Fox News Channel. Lane was the lead editor of The New Republic from 1997 to 1999. After the New Republic, Lane worked for the Post, where, from 2000 to 2009, he covered the Supreme Court of the United States[1][2] and judicial system issues. He has since joined the newspaper’s editorial page.

They put him on the panel at Fox News Special Report, and I swear he is the perfect personification of the ‘objective’ mainstream media. He is so articulate, so plausible, and indistinguishable from a block of wood. There is nothing of reality that can ever penetrate his knowing face and dead eyes. Every time he appears I am amazed at his ability to perceive nothing of reality, hear nothing of the superior intellects around him, and still seem so satisfied with himself. Krauthammer makes a monkey of him and he just swivels his big face to a different camera angle, smiling all the while.

He’s my MSM hero. Harvard College, Yale Law School, and his perspicacity is exactly equal to that of Cat Deeley on Dancing with the Stars. He has absolutely no idea that he’s nothing but a smooth dunce, turning his majestic head toward the camera and intoning nonsense.

I’m in awe. The closest I can get to Arbus on TV. Don’t ask me who Arbus is. His defensive but knowing daughter will get mad at me.


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