America Can’t be Repealed.

Why Obama won’t win in the end. America has conquered the whole civilized world. Meaning the non-Muslim parts, or about 80 percent, which is the Pareto Principle at work.

Conquered? Yes. Not by force of arms. But by osmosis, otherwise known as technological/cultural creep.

Watch this movie, set in India. It doesn’t matter if it’s true to life or not. What matters is that it’s an example of the spread of Americanization as a recognized state of being. A woman in charge, cell phones everywhere, children as spoiled and entitled pains in the ass, sybaritic parasites aplenty, and a dutiful handful who do what needs must be done. When all is said and done, it’s not about Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc. It’s about human beings, some percentage of which do bad things all the time and have to be stopped by the good guys. Why we always need heroes.

In shorter terms, this is a Steven Seagal movie, starring a beautiful Indian woman who absolutely kicks ass, in a tradition as old as John Wayne. WITH rap, Rolls Royces, swimming pools, drug stuff, mobsters and monsters, sexual vice and abuse, and kids who watch too much TV.

All their kids are our kids. Bad. And all their heroes are our heroes. Good.

Can heroes turn kids to the good side? Yes. ‘Twas ever so.

The near and far east aren’t that far away from us. They listen to our music, use our slang, order Chinese food in cartons, use salty language in mixed company, and know what guns are for in the hands of good guys.

Isn’t that a functional definition of what we used to know as liberty?

America might be reduced, shriveled as a world power, seemingly humiliated and shoved aside. But we were never Romans like the Brits. We have been, unlike them, the Greeks, the avatars of a way of thought and life that can’t be undone by edict or even slavery. America can’t be repealed. We have conquered the world.

All that remains is for us to remember who we are and turn up the volume.


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