Why I Haven’t Been Current Eventing

Jeopardy Clue: Why there's such a thing as a punchline.

Jeopardy Clue: Why there’s such a thing as a punchline.

Oops. Gave myself away. Everything’s a joke. That’s the setup and the punchline.

The president is a joke.

Our foreign policy is a joke.

Our domestic policy is a joke.

And the smartest people on earth, the Jews, don’t know it.

Nuclear war awaits. Total economic collapse awaits. Constitutional annihilation awaits. Some of us are prepared to risk the entire U.S. for Israel.

Who was I kidding? It really is all a joke.

Or. If you’re a Jew who knows what I’m talking about, wants to save Israel and turn back the tide of anti-semitism that’s sweeping the world, then comment here.

Why do I care? Julian. Who won’t even talk to me now. Because he’s another lefty softy.

There are apologists. Won’t cite them here. Jews are way too smart to be persuaded by simple goy logic.


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