About the Daily Show

Pencil tapping and then “What the f**ck?!'” Comedic genius.

Lots of idiots involved here. Including all the Republicans and conservatives on book tours who agreed to be mouse-trapped by a third-rate intellect who had control of editing, graphics, and the inevitable WTF punchline. What were you thinking? How could you not lose on the teevee?

More idiots. Even conservatives seem to be conceding that they were unable to mount an effective counter example of news satire. Really? Guess none of you ever stay up late.

Fox’s Redeye is far funnier and more intellectually challenging than the Daily Show ever was. Turn, twist, turn, wit, actual observation, all the way through. Gutfeld is at least three times as smart as the WTF phony. He’s witty enough that he’s scalding and hilarious without having to be bleeped. If he ever holds a pencil, he drops it without a tap. And his guests amazingly rise to him and the occasion. It’s on at 3 in the morning. Still beats MSNBC and CNN in Prime-time ratings. How could that be? Redeye is actually not a ritual of partisan skewering but something else. Something called funny.(!)

All this week, the MSM have been lamenting the loss of Jon Stewart. And the right wing New Media have been grousing about the praise. As if conservatives have no counter-programming of their own and no sense of humor to compete with the great Jon Stewart. Bull.

Redeye, not the Daily Show, is the edgiest news comedy show on television. Get your head out of your asses, conservatives. This is an arena in which you’ve won and you don’t even know it.


  1. Winston Sith’s avatar

    I agree about Red Eye. I haven’t seen it in a few months, since I don’t have cable right now – haven’t had cable since October – but I feel an epic Red Eye YouTube binge coming on.



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