A Barnacle, a Lichen, a Weed.

Bri Zoni knows that there is no God.

“If America is in decline, we ought to go back to what made America both great and possible in the first place. When you look at the, you know, facts of, you know, history, we see that wasn’t Christianity. The faith of your fathers was a barnacle, a lichen, a weed tangled up in the true root. The Greek way. Which grew into consciousness, philosophy, science, individuality, and liberty.

Gods not required. Even if still present.”

The only god required is Bri Zoni. Sure he’ll explain how his pure rationalism will fix everything. With no reference to Nazism, Soviet Communism, and Maoism. Total human cost? Probably above 200 million dead souls. The better alternative? Putting Bri Zoni in charge.

Are we clear?


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