They call me the Bri_Z

Some call you the Breeze. Others just call you a blowhard.

Last we heard at Facebook, Bri was irate that I cut off his latest atheist oration at Deerhound Diary. Based on the moronic argument that absolutely everyone was sick of the repetition, the sanctimoniousness, and the presumption.

Of course, he conveniently overlooks the fact that I gave him the last word at the ten-year blog called Instapunk. Worse, he waited eight months after I had moved on to Deerhound Diary to stab me in the back with what he called a ‘Double Fisk.’ Screaming himself blue in the face in the void. What a man. Eight months to cook up one more ignorant, incoherent rant. If someone screams on an abandoned Internet blog, does it make any sound?


Sorry. He’s a coward, a sneak, and a creep. Even if he looks a lot like a sorta bloated and more dissipated Leonardo Di Caprio.


Nevertheless a great and symbolic romantic interest on the Titanic.

  1. Instapunk’s avatar

    You got through but your actual comment didn’t. Not my doing I assure you.


  2. AcidPOP’s avatar

    You are talking to me? I suppose yes. Okay then. I was glad to see that my linking to this post got a pingback. As it does/did occasionally and it’s been a while now. Other than that, despite being your more faithful fan, I dread talking to you and impose myself here.

    I have strength, resolve and continuing dedication but since my past experience with the man himself (aka you, aka Instapunk/St Nuke,) has been truly traumatic, I don’t have the heart or balls so to speak to be the object of another aggression /slap in the face. ‘Deserved’ or not. So despite all my dedication to the same cause (you called that Obsession once, after much praise too) and all my certainty; I have/had no plan to become a regular commenter here. Not until everybody plays fair and show their real hand. Which may be never. Or anyway not before another decade or two. I understand that.

    So I guess I’ll continue doing what I’m doing and depending on your response here, I will know how you intent to play the game /next round. But I wont fall in another trap. Put in another way, I was not trying to gain some favors. I am not allowed to count on anyone, especially my real friends/Allies. It’s been thus since day one. I know we reached a point where I was sure to be finally safe regarding your treatment of me, but even that could have an expiration date. Until the next cycle resume.

    So thank you for speaking to me and for giving me the opportunity to explain myself and my ‘curse’. Sad isn’t it? Yes and no. Not anymore. I got used to my fate, I have become strong enough to not care anymore about myself, other than the basic necessities of life. Enough cash to last, maximum health and sufficient comfort to live freely and take it easy.

    See you around and best regards to all.


  3. Instapunk’s avatar

    You’re okay. Welcome here. I admire you. You sent me art that was really art. I have always worried about you, afraid that something I might say could be fatally wrong. My only reservation. If being here helps, by all means be here constantly.


  4. AcidPOP’s avatar

    I know. Thank you! We’ll see how it feels and goes. Right now I have started this new blog where there will be no videos or pictures. I may be linking you a lot, not all ref. will get a pingback I’m sure, I hope! Considering how long is the text in my title. Updated since, and still on the move.

    I sure could use your blog for more publicity. I’ll do it very discreetly and only to enlighten readers.

    Like this,

    I’m also slowly but surely trying to introduce myself on twitter to some French gentlemen, thinkers. For better or for worse. Remember I wrote that I would be able to inspire them French? Well it’s a start while it keeps me busy. Who knows, maybe it will work. That would be fun.

    Thanks again for the invitation. I should consider myself very happy indeed. I am.
    Love, Good bye!



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