What most of you don’t get.

Unlike most of you, I don’t feel superior to Keanu.
But I’m wise, you see. A rare thing.

Unhappy kids fight with me. I feel like the final scene in The Matrix where Neo is slow motion against Agent Smith. They think they’re winning, but because they don’t actually know anything, they’re just making me sad.

This isn’t meant to provoke, specifically, Brizoni, but he’s an exemplar of the millennial brand. Sorry. A brand is all you are these days. Without actual education, you’re just Wiki-hitters.

My wife felt compelled to call me today because she didn’t like my tone. Pessimistic. She was extremely concerned. Why would I be pessimistic about millennial assholes who think they know everything and know absolutely fucking nothing?

Why? Because the future depends on smart people, not Rand cultists. Fortunately, she calmed me down. Reminded me that if there’s somebody as genuinely genius as me, there are others. Not everybody is a mediocrity named Bri.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    But genius is a very rare thing. Why it can’t be measured.


  2. Instapunk’s avatar

    Rae knows. Odd, huh?



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