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Avant garde feminism? Mylie Cyrus's new pic. No. Same old same old.

Avant garde feminism? Mylie Cyrus’s new pic? No. Same old same old.

Women are fooled once again. Men want to see their private parts. Women think they triumph by showing them off. Is it art? No. It’s women’s private parts exposed. More fun when they want us to look up their skirts. It’s the flirtation that’s fun, not the flesh. Relatively few vaginas are lovely. How does this kind of game get played? Stay tuned.

Why is this man laughing? Because he got a thousand feminists to let him photograph their vaginas.

Why is this man laughing? Because he got a thousand feminists to let him photo their vaginas. And he gets to pretend he’s an artist. Actually he’s another con man to avoid.

Women are in over their heads. Women have played a major part in human history from the beginning of recorded human history. Nefertiti. Cleopatra. Lucretia Borgia. Catherine de Medici. Elizabeth I. Madame de Pompadour. Catherine the Great. Marie Antoinette. Napoleon’s Josephine. Mary Lincoln. Queen Victoria. Margaret Trudeau. Princess Di. Hillary Clinton. Educated, influential, wealthy beyond measure. But where are their artistic and literary contributions? Nowhere. Mary Shelley wrote a Gothic novel. So did all the Bronte sisters. But Mary Shelley was not Percy. And the Brontes were not Dickens. There’s never been a good woman poet, and the only good woman novelist was Virginia Woolf. For whatever reason. And forget music composition, art, sculpture, architecture, and, uh, physics. Never happened. To this day. On what level and in what way are we supposed to recognize them as equals? Because they can get law degrees and sue us for their various inferiorities? No. In the meantime, look out for feminist guys bearing cameras…

African-Americans are overplaying their hand. Life is not about reparations. It’s about starting from the beginning and making your way. If more than three quarters of your children are born out of wedlock and hardly any son has a father, the results are dull and predictable and usually sad if not violent. Diamond earrings and gold chains don’t make up the deficit. They’re responsible for most murders in this country. It’s racist to notice that? I don’t think so. Shouting and shutting down traffic doesn’t fix any of that. If it does, let me know. I’m waiting.

Islam is not a religion, but an antique barbaric spasm. Their holy scripture — which as far as I can tell is an incompetent plagiarism of the Bible — commands monstrosities. Beheading of infidels. Stoning of adulterers. Cutting off the clitoris of a female child. Killing of defiled daughters who don’t have four witnesses of rape. That’s not a religion. It’s just torture and terror, a flight backward from the 21st century to the 7th. Ally ally Akbar. God as the devil incarnate. Not a religion but a death wish. Doomed, damned, and horrific. Until they repent for their excesses, they deserve to be exterminated from the earth. And the Pope is a fucking coward for not recognizing it.

Progressives are braindead totalitarians, so ignorant they have learned nothing from their own history. Like all Marxists, they know no history and never argue logically. They call their opponents the most obscene and scatological names they can think of because they have no counter-arguments and are intellectually, morally, and ideologically bankrupt. Uneducated idiots. Why I don’t argue with any of them anymore. Can’t wait to hear from the first progressive who can articulate for me a positive vision of the future that isn’t a reengineering of Original Sin.

Atheists are the biggest fools of all. They think computers invented themselves and humor is a threat worse than climate change. They miss the most fundamental principle of all. No organization can exist without a template, its own DNA. You can’t ever be anything otherwise. The universe has DNA.

I’ve worked for companies that had no creative DNA in their makeup. There was no way to introduce it. I’ve worked for companies that could remember a past talent for creativity. I think the universe works the same way. Our universe has DNA for intelligence, creativity, vitality, morality, and humor.

Atheists think they have the market cornered on all these things. But without any source. They think they thought it up for themselves with all their rational brilliance. Usually, these are youngsters. Sometimes they’re old old fools like Richard Dawkins. But I’m old enough to have some humility.

The universe is THE comedy that makes fools of all the self styled smart ones.

  1. Tim’s avatar

    The Pope’s comments sadden and anger me more than I can say. This is what happens when your go-to guy is a South American communist. I often wonder if perhaps he’s not being cowardly but rather has a deep-seated, anti-western streak like his pal Barack Obama. Maybe he likes the idea of the mooslims taking it to our decadent, imperialist culture? After all, we’ve only been successful by stealing stuff from other people. Right?

    Can’t argue with anything else you said, either. Not in a good spot right now.


  2. Instapunk’s avatar

    Sorry Tim. Not trying to bring you down. I always think the truth makes us stand up straighter and smile more. Not always the case, I know.

    But stand at attention, soldier. I’ve got a brand new joke to make you double over.

    Go to Bri Zoni’s Facebook page. Or to mine and take the link to Brizoni’s. You might enjoy the exchange.

    Do me a favor, though. Look at Facing Ali. You’ll understand him better and more importantly ME better. Saw him in person during his 3 yr suspension. Most charismatic man I ever saw, including Reagan. Never saw a Harvard audience more respectful, attentive, and enthusiastic. Including me. I was blown away. Don’t know how to tell you this: he really was a god. Why he has been reduced, humbled, and stricken in his old age. You don’t get to be a god for long.

    At any rate take a look and keep your mind open. Which we all know no conservative can do. : )


  3. Tim’s avatar

    Respectfully: I am not interested in reading any more maniacal Brizoni banter. Talk about a downer. Hasn’t there been enough of that? Oriana Fallaci was a self-professed atheist, but I found the 170 pages of her I read more engrossing than any of the endless Brizoni manifestos I’ve slogged through.

    If you want a joke, though, look up the International Chemtrail Association on Facebook. A pilot friend turned me on to it. You have to read the comments from real people to fully get it. It will make you laugh.


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      Can’t help noticing you won’t look at Ali.



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