Our president is not guilty of ‘manspreading’

He's so ladylike.

He’s so ladylike.

Well. We have to take our kudos where we can. Look at Cameron. He looks like he’s on the verge of manspreading. Obviously they’re both wusses, but optics count.

  1. Tim’s avatar

    He’s such a bitch. I can’t stand it.


  2. Peregrine John’s avatar

    He’s just so precious, I want to wrap him up and put him on my mantle!

    Mmkay, that one made my teeth hurt. You know, I just realized what Dear Leader’s supercilious manner reminds me of: Rabbit, from Winnie the Pooh. I have a distant memory of Rabbit leading some very small community meeting, gavel and everything, and saying things like, “That’s what I feel. What do you feel, Pooh?” Political correctness, prissy mannerisms, and the idea that decisions based on feelings are superior have been a popular combination for snobs for a long time.



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