It used to be that men were the best and the worst of the human race

Oriana Fallaci. As brave as she was beautiful.

Oriana Fallaci. As brave as she was beautiful.

Now the men are worms, and the best and worst of us are women.

American feminists are insane, probably brain-damaged sociopaths. They fret about rape — and who would want to rape them? — while they celebrate the right of women to dress and act like streetwalkers. They fight for the right to kill babies conceived in promiscuous lifestyles. Nuts.

On the other hand, the only remaining investigative reporters with a nose for hard news are women. Sharyl Attkisson. Katie Pavlich. Michelle Malkin. And Kimberley Strassel.

I’m proud to announce that Kimberley Strassel has accepted me as a Facebook friend.

But I have to acknowledge that these iconic women were not the first. Here’s an excerpt from Tim’s latest comment.

I just so happen to have started reading the Rage and the Pride by Oriana Fallaci last week right before the Paris shootings. As she describes them: “Hens who are only able to flap inside the henhouse. Cluck, cluck, cluck, my dears.”

Fallaci. She knew eunuchs when she saw them. Tragic that she’s not still here to comment on the current state of affairs.

Addio, Oriana.

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    And isn’t it interesting that the most vocal, abrasive feminists also hate truly strong women like Fallaci & Malkin the most, while themselves having achieved and done so little of substance in their lives? I strongly recommend that book to everyone. Heartbreaking yet fascinating for such a short read.



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