Imaginary Men

Imaginary men wear hoodies that cover their oh so sensitive feelings.

Imaginary men wear hoodies that cover their oh so sensitive feelings. No daddy to speak of, no guts.

From the site Ricochet

Once again, Barack Obama’s imaginary son has found himself unfairly in trouble with the law. If you recall, his imaginary son was also shot by an imaginary neighborhood watch guard in the same style as Trayvon Martin. But Obama’s imaginary son is plucky and resilient and has lived a hard life in the hood so he keeps bouncing back.

In his life, Obama’s imaginary son has been shot at, concussed out of football, and racially profiled. Yet he keeps picking himself up and carrying on. Obama’s imaginary son should be an example to us all. No matter what kind of imaginary circumstances we find ourselves in, we can continue on with our imaginary lives.

One day this country can hopefully move on from racism experienced by imaginary people — and, let’s face it, the country doesn’t have the best of history of its treatment of imaginary people. We have, however, made progress in the civil rights of imaginary people and for that we, as a country, should be proud. We shouldn’t ignore, however, the real truth that racism toward imaginary sons is still a real problem, as our President constantly reminds us. We can’t be afraid to have the conversation, no matter how painful it might be, about continuing the racial healing of imaginary people.

President Obama, however, also should look inward and ask why his imaginary son continues to put himself in these situations. Perhaps it is also his own failings as an imaginary parent. Maybe his imaginary son is trying to rebel against the pressures that come with being the first imaginary son of the United States. Perhaps the President can get him some better-fitting clothes and tell him to stay in school instead of having constant run-ins with imaginary police…

The President of the United States seems more comfortable citing the struggles of his imaginary son than the privileged successes of his real daughters. In truth, Obama’s son would have attended private schools in Chicago, just like his daughters. He would then be attending Sidwell Private School in DC, just like his real daughters. Obama’s imaginary son would get his pick of any college in the world, just like his real daughters. His imaginary son would then go on to any career he chose, in medicine, law, Hollywood, or Wall Street, just like his real daughters. But that doesn’t fit the divisive racial narrative — so his son lives the hard-knock life.

According to Obama, we still have much work to do in the race relations of imaginary people. Unfortunately, the healing can’t begin until the country moves on from this imaginary President.

Funny, yes. But there’s a larger point too. We have become a nation of imaginary men. Which is a problem of the right as well as the left. Life is a bruising business. What us oldsters know. We grew up competing with one another, frequently disrespected and insulted one another, sometimes for decades. Somehow we got over it. Today’s boys don’t get over anything. We have a generation of imaginary men.

They’ve been taught to sulk and pout and posture. In future there will be no long lasting male friendships. A single inadvertent text will end everything. Because YOU HURT MY FEELINGS. Like our current president. When the press hurts his feelings, his gofer boys call immediately to cuss them out. It’s not just his son who’s imaginary. It’s Obama himself.

Maybe why we deserve him. Imaginary men need an imaginary man as president.

As I said, life is a bruising business. Political correctness won’t take that away. Only manhood will. (Have you seen the offensive new PSAs about domestic violence and sexual assault? “Can we start the conversation?” No. No conversation needed. Real men don’t hit women and they don’t rape them. Period.) What manhood is before it’s anything else people have forgotten. If anyone remembers what manhood is (uh, loyalty, bravery, resilience, principle, honesty, and honor). The ones who need to remember most are the women, with their paranoia about micro aggressions and triggers. Next are the legions of imaginary men who can’t accept truth, can’t speak the truth, and can’t live the truth.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    It seems to me that so many now live an imaginary life. College students asking to be excused from final exams because they are so traumatized by the imaginary racial divide and killings; Rolling Stone publishing the imaginary tale of rapes at the University of Virginia and the university’s ridiculous response; the piling on of the media and pundits telling us that even if the story is the result of some journalist’s imagination, it’s still important. And on and on it goes, with our president being the imaginer in chief.

    Who will stop so-called protestors from calling for the death of police? Who will protest for the assassinated police men? Not their mayor, not the president who is busy playing golf in Hawaii.

    It’s all imaginary after all.



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