The Answer to a More Slippery Question

Where do THEY go?

Where do THEY go?

In a story they would normally prefix “Bombshell Study,” Hotair has now assured us that all dogs do go to heaven, even if the current gas station attendant Pope is now waffling on the subject.

There’s been a lot of Internet chatter about this nonexistent question. But no one to my knowledge has addressed the much more complicated question of whether or not all cats also go to heaven.

Admit it. Anyone who has ever seen a domestic feline torturing a mouse without getting around to just killing it has asked this question of himself. Or anyone who has read the results of a Brit study proving that house cats are responsible for something like 50 million deaths a year of birds, moles, chipmunks, squirrels, mice, rats, and –let’s face it — other cats.

So. Do these stone killers get the same pass dogs do? Even if they treat their human masters like servants? Even if they are mostly as conscious and intelligent as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator?

Yes. All cats go to heaven also.

Evidence? All the years of extra life enjoyed by old ladies because there is a loyal something purring on their lap.


Just try to keep them from leaping over the Pearly Gates.

Just try to keep them from leaping over the Pearly Gates.


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