The best is always better than the rest.

The best is always better than the rest.

How long has it been the express objective of the National Football League to achieve the ideal known as “parity”? Every rule change regarding player contracts, revenue sharing, salary caps, and drafting opportunities has been aimed at achieving at least rough equality of outcomes. How do you think that’s working out?

Have you noticed what my wife just flagged out of the blue this morning? (Don’t yell. She’s sleeping peacefully through Johnny Manziel’s august first start in the league…) that there are five teams out of 32 sporting 2-11 records, and nobody’s giving a snowball’s chance in hell for the Super Bowl prospects of any but four other teams out of the 32, even though some of the also rans still have a chance of going 12-4.

Huh? No wonder the left has set its cap on destroying the NFL. It stands as a crystal clear proof of the failure of socialism to make the weak as strong as the strong. It also fails to make the strong as weak as the weak. Talent will prevail. And the entitled crybabies will continue to defeat themselves for generation upon generation. Welcome to the NFL.

Please discuss among yourselves. We’re not through napping here yet.


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