A Nutty Potpourri

Hard to keep things in perspective.

Hard to keep things in perspective.

Frequently the flow of commentary speaks for itself. The nation has become a nutty place. So I’m going to give you some reading, which is a service in that too little of what’s going on merits attention.

I begin with something that is NOT nutty, unless it gets to the real nut inside the shell of MSM misinformation. By a guy I don’t usually like, the condescending Conrad Black of National Review.

Eric Garner’s America.

What else is hot in the nuttiness category? RAPE! People insist on deriding Ann Coulter as a sideshow. She’s not. Here’s a perfectly valid question she poses.

The College Rape Club.

Read it and weep. Or laugh, depending.

Does anyone remember Madame Nhu, the Dragon Lady of South Vietnam?


Seems we’ve got our very own version of the autocrat who lived high on the hog while subjugating her countrymen in oppression and want.

The School Lunches Malia and Sasha Eat VS the Crap Public School Kids Eat.

Nutty is one word for it. But there are other words too.

When does nutty become completely over the top insane? How about here?

Dem Rep: America Should Apologize to Terrorists.

[If you want to see a simple and total rebuttal, go to my Facebook page, i.e., Robert Laird. See Liberty Eagle photo.]

There’s also Insanity Squared.

College President Apologizes for Saying “All Lives Matter.”


Then there’s the Mixed Nuts category. Victor Davis Hanson wrote this.

Lying for the Cause.

The next day he wrote this.

America Continues to Thrive.

But I understand. We none of us want to believe it’s really over. Why we conclude with the best nuttiness of all, otherwise known as Peanuts.

The Gospel According to Peanuts.

Maybe we should despair. But we’re not supposed to.

Yeah. Little boys. Maybe they’re not inherently evil. Merry Christmas, one and all.


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