Sorry I didn’t wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

We went out for Thanksgiving. For the first time.

We went out for Thanksgiving. For the first time.

Funny. We took our granddaughter to a nice hotel for Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise she’d have been alone on course for a Thanksgiving Day shift at the mega-pharmacy, where she is excelling by doing the job, sort of. Which we defeated by having Thanksgiving at noon. She’s majoring in Sociology. She’s got an upcoming course in class stratification. Along these lines, she wants the Redskins to change their name. Everyone at her college agrees with her. All she needs in the way of moral force, and all us oldsters need not object. She made a face when I referred to the six years of hell this president has given us. Who would know better about such matters than a college student in 2014?

She wasn’t interested in the view from the hotel ballroom.

She wasn't interested in the view. Symbol of American hegemony.

Battleship New Jersey. Symbol of American hegemony. Sexist too.

My wife was happy. The girl ate like a champ, working through a mountain of seafood. She’s majoring in sociology, she tells us again, and they’ve done her good. I mean they’ve done her good. I was wearing a nice tie and I tried to explain. “I just want you to know that I was in the university where most of this leftist garbage got started nearly 50 years ago, and it has never ever worked, not once.”

“Things have to change,” she said. “If they didn’t there would be no feminism and there would still be slaves.”

“Things change all the time,” I said. “Things change because people change their minds, not because young people in classrooms decide they have an imperative to impose change on the rest of us.”

So she got up and procured more crab claws and desserts. Impressive trencherman. Truly impressive.

My wife was delighted to spend the morning with her. I’m delighted my wife is delighted. Not delighted that our granddaughter is being turned systematically into another self-satisfied leftist.

So. Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone.


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