From Friend to Banned in No Time Flat.

Who is Ilya Somin? He says I got personal. Did I?


Didn’t call his mother any names. Didn’t call him any names. I said he doesn’t care. He doesn’t. Is that personal? Maybe. My wife and I quarreled about it. We arrived at an agreement. Yeah, it may be personal. If you don’t care about American citizens and I call you out on it, maybe you should take it personally. I sure do.

P.S. Tired, tired, tired. The Ilya Somins of the world are the most tiresome of all. They ban. I never did. Not in ten years. They ban when they’re losing. And the Somins are always losing. Nobody can stand in the arena with me and win. Not ever.

What I always do is win. Without banning. Tell Ilya Somin. He can come here if he really wants to fight. Winning is out of the question though. Not to get personal or anything, he’s just not smart enough.


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