Accidental Truths

The Serendicity of Facebook

The Serendicity of Facebook. (Click for bigger.)

I could write a LOT more than a thousand words about this random compilation of photos my Facebook page has assembled. About the photos themselves, their placement, their meaning. Six images that say everything important about me. Humbling for a writer who has written millions of words about being me.

Only one will I mention. Between heaven and faith is a picture of a woman not my wife. But she is my wife, an incarnation of the Boudica who will not allow me to take her picture. Take your cue from the eyes. You don’t want to mess with those eyes, make them mad, make them worse than mad. A beauty worth living up to without trivial grudges or malefactions of any kind.

Why it’s a meaningful portrait at the heart of a symbolic array.

Go ahead and ignore it. But sometimes seeming accidents are the purest Serendicity.


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