“Things fall apart…”

Can you trust your own eyes?

Can you trust your own eyes?

I know. Let’s have a race war to get our key demographic to the polls.

Alternatively, buy a copy of Cuomo’s book before he hits a thousand in sales. It will be a first edition someday. Worth maybe 80 percent of the original purchase price — if you can get him to sign it.

Is anybody else sick of the self satisfied mug of FLOTUS? Biggest What-If of this presidency: what if Obama had had a loving honest helpmeet rather than a resentful harridan for a wife? Maybe some good advice might have penetrated even his rock head on a pillow between silk sheets.

Probably not. They may hate one another, but that’s because they’re exactly the same person. Except that one of them has a (too) big booty and decent bust. One of them doesn’t have a booty at all or hair extensions. Neither one can play golf or basketball for shit. My guess is, somebody’s ahead of the other in the approval polls because of tits and ass. The way we vote these days.

That’s our news for the day.

Oh. Except that Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post during the Watergate era, is now dead. I’m sure many Lamentations will be written. Well, that’s my first prediction. I recall him being very full of himself. The Lamentations will be too. That’s my second prediction.

Liberals just love, love, love themselves (pick your own idiom). Why else would a major financial corporation hire Tina Fey to do a commercial designed to turn off half the market for American Express cards? She had a critically acclaimed TV series. Nobody watched. She did a muppet movie. Nobody went. She had a romcom movie out a few months ago. Nobody’s seen it.

But if you’re an AMEX executive I’m sure the sex with Palin-hating MSM TV babes is worth all the unreported loss of revenue…

Okay. Now I’m really done.

Except for this. My favorite caption. “Folks like us.” Uh, no they don’t. Nobody likes you. Not even your most faithful voters. They, we, all, actively dislike you. Unless you were actually trying to compare POTUS and FLOTUS with their Ivy League scholarships and pampered daughters to the poor, unemployed, about to be inundated by even cheaper labor from south of the border, disgracefully loyal black Americans. You couldn’t possibly have been trying to suggest that “ordinary” people are “folks like us.” Either way, this phrase should make you ashamed of yourself.

Trust me on this. Her recent remarks occurred at a fashion forum. To a First Lady, life is wearing… new clothes every single day.

Well. To be fair, she can't wait to go back to Chicago and be done with it all. I can't wait either. First thing we've ever had in common.

Well. To be fair, she can’t wait to go back to Chicago and be done with it all. I can’t wait either. First thing we’ve ever had in common. And a sports bra is not a dress.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    Hahaha. I love this.


  2. Tim’s avatar

    You didn’t mention the not-actually-mooslims trying to shoot up Ottawa. This right after some other not-actually-mooslims ran over a couple of soldiers in Quebec. I’m just glad they weren’t actually mooslims, otherwise I’d be worried. Now I can focus on important things, like the Republican conspiracy to not pay women as much as men.

    Btw, it is utterly pathetic that Tina Fey only gets propped up b/c of how much libs hate Sarah Palin, whom she returned to SNL to impersonate. I cannot name a single other accomplishment of hers (and I use the term loosely). Not even any recurring SNL skit she did. That ranks her somewhere under Stephen Colbert in the pantheon of comics who are only critically acclaimed b/c they ridicule conservatives. At least he has his own show. But, like herpes and Keith Olbermann, I’m sure she’ll continue to pop back up regularly.


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      Workplace violence. Nothing to see here. Please move along.


    2. Barbara’s avatar

      I’m trying to picture the 945 who bought Cuomo’s book. Can’t be done.



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