Punditry in Ruins

Inanity is insanity.

Inanity is insanity.

Look at this crap. It’s been this way for days, weeks. National Review has two, three articles per exhausted topic. Ebola. Government incompetence. Obama exhausted and hiding. Meanwhile the TV pundits keep talking about the midterms.

Enough. The truth is simple. The country is falling apart. It’s being systematically destroyed by the most malevolent, anti-American president we could ever have imagined. There is not a single issue on which a presidential policy might have helped the health of the nation that this president has not opposed in thought, word, and deed.

No energy independence because no Keystone pipeline. No transparency because he cannot tell the truth about using the perpetually feared but formerly trusted IRS to persecute his personal political enemies, and under his watch the once most trusted other government agencies — namely the Secret Service and the CDC — are just as corrupt as the GAO, the EPA, and the HHS team in charge of implementing ObamaCare.

Every single objection to his pronouncements and edicts is characterized as racism. This from the Great Uniter. Who cannot ever admit that he knew of a problem — from Benghazi to ISIS — without blaming someone, anyone else. He runs from news of an Islamist beheading to the golf course. And what Islamists do is not Islamic. The man has never read the Koran. I have. They want to kill all infidels. Fact. Read the damn book. What every serious student would have to regard as fake scripture, aimed at conquest not enlightenment.

He has divided us, crippled us at home and abroad, and he laughs at us while he plays golf and his wife starves schoolchildren at lunch.

Sick of hearing O’Reilly and pundit brethren give Obama a nod on not hating America. He DOES HATE America. Always has. And now the ship is sinking. Krauthammer knows it, and exhibits it in every bitter commentary, but cannot bring himself to acknowledge that our president is a Trojan Horse and a traitor. Why not? It’s so self evidently the truth. There is no other logical line of interpretation that makes sense of a presidency which has done everything possible to crumble America.

Every single Obama policy has been designed from the outset to hurt America and its citizens. Everyone but the political class has suffered. The lowers, the middles, and the upper middles have all been rocked and hurt. He hates the military, he despises women, and he mocks the black base which has sustained him in office. They have endured the worst hurts of any group in the nation.

And, to top it off, he wants to exact the finishing blow to African-Americans by turning the nation into an identity-less, Hispanic third world nation by executive edict. Which will kill the economic prospects of black Americans. He laughs and demands African-American support in the upcoming elections.

He is a monster.

Why I haven’t been commenting. He wants the Islamists to win. If you look at the record, there is no other interpretation you can draw. He wants Israel nuked, he wants America impoverished and destroyed by a flood of illiterate immigrants, and he wants the caliphate to embrace his chosen people, the only people he’s ever been president of, the followers of Bill Ayers and the Reverend Wright.

In the meantime we all talk drivel. And he plays golf.

On all sides but mine, it’s called denial, a.k.a. brain rot.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    The subjects are just too incredible. I suspect they either don’t have the brains or the brawn to discuss the real issues. So we get this pap.

    Thanks, I think, for alerting me.


  2. Instapunk’s avatar

    Thankfully, I managed to bury this post under two others before the FBI steamed into my driveway. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read or comment on it. Nobody else is saying quite this.


  3. Tim’s avatar

    The first essay in your “Indictment” book is, I fear, all too chillingly accurate. I long ago stopped being able to listen to any of the older pundits. Any time they are presented with an opportunity to strike the felling blow, they shy away. Just like those movies where the hero must idiotically offer his hand to the evil villain who just fell off the ledge. Don’t they seem so, well, tired? Krauthammer, Kristol, Kristol’s sidekick the chubby guy with glasses?

    It was like the McCain campaign: Palin’s speech was energizing while his was like a stale fart. “Fight with me, my friends. Fight with me against an unnamed and forver unknowable enemy which is certainly not my dear senate colleague, the smart & articulate Barack Obama, whom I have the utmost respect for…for some reason.”

    The younger ones are mostly pussies like Allahpundit. Even your Charles C.W. Cooke gets tiresome. Can’t even bring himself to directly criticize someone like Neil DeGrasse Tyson because he’s a fellow atheist *wink, wink*. Gotta show solidarity. Gotta remind the peeps you are a totally rational chap and don’t buy into all this God business.

    Very few conservatives out there have anything interesting and pointed to say (without backtracking a few hours later). Seems like there are fewer of them each year.



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